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Council on Advanced Practice

Director of the Council on Advanced Practice:  Shonda Phelon, DNP, FNP-BC, PMHNP-BC, GNP-BC

Responsibilities of the Council on Advanced Practice

The council shall be concerned with advanced nursing practice which relates to Federal and state legislation and government policy affecting advanced practice nurses, advanced practice nurse membership growth and maintenance of the association; the scope and standards of advanced practice nursing; the ethical and legal aspects of advanced practice nursing; the practice of individual advanced practice nurses; trends for improvement of health care with advanced practice nursing; continuing education for advanced practice nurses.

The council on advanced practice nursing with approval of the Board of Directors shall identify emerging practice issues relating to advanced practice nurses; establish an ad hoc task force to address specific advanced practice nursing issues and report its findings to the board; nominate qualified members with experience in the area of advanced practice nursing issues to the ad hoc task force for appointment by the board.

The council shall be composed of the council director; and the chairperson of each advanced practice council committee, and shall provide for the establishment and dissolution of such committees upon written request to the director and confirmation by the board.

The council may form ad hoc and liaison committees and task forces relevant to advance practice nursing issues.