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The Mississippi Nurses Association is located in the Mississippi Center for Nursing, 31 Woodgreen Place, Madison MS. (MAP)

Mississippi Nurses Association represents nurses through a number of activities, events, programs, forums, workshops, connections and collaborations. MNA is recognized nationally for its successes in working toward solutions for issues affecting the profession of nursing.

The vision of the Mississippi Nurses' Association (MNA) is to be one strong voice for Mississippi Nurses.
The mission of MNA is to promote registered professional nursing practice through advocacy, education, research and partnership.

Events and Activities

The Statewide Nursing Summit, held the last Tuesday in January each year, started in 1993 and is supported by all nursing organizations in Mississippi. The primary purpose of the Summit is to discuss emerging issues and a legislative agenda that places RNs in a pivotal role as 'players' in health care in Mississippi. Participation in the political process is vital – Together we can speak with one strong voice.

When over 1,200 nurses and nursing students meet at a single event where legislators are invited guests, it sends a message that we are large in numbers and strong in our efforts to move nursing forward.

Mississippi leads the nation in its legislative support and innovation in addressing the statewide nursing shortage. The Summit is geared to focus on the legislative needs during the legislative session. If you have never attended one of our Summits, perhaps you will consider our next event.

Nurse Practitioners (Advanced Practice RNs)

As nurse practitioners increase in numbers, they are clearly a part of the solution in providing health care to the people of Mississippi. They work everywhere: in hospitals, in emergency rooms, in clinics, in the Health Department, in schools of nursing – always providing quality care and education.

They are becoming the cornerstone for primary health care all over the state, especially in rural Mississippi.

MNA is the greatest advocate for NPs. Through our Advance Practice Council, MNA addresses practice issues, provides public relations, monitors Board of Nursing meetings, provides lobbying services in the Mississippi Legislature, and provides continuing education for NPs through the MNA Provider Unit.

MNA hosts an Advanced Practice Council meeting in August each year to plan and look at ways to respond to the growing needs. Six times a year, advanced practice nurses across the state receive Advanced Practice Notes, an online newsletter, which is focused on the professional, political and technical activities of nurse practitioners.

MNA hosts a list serve – Mississippi Nurse Practitioner Network – where advanced practice nurses network, discuss and debate current events, job opportunities and events affecting their practices.

MNA sponsors two nurse practitioner events each year –  first, is the Nurse Practitioner Annual Spring Convention held in April. The annual spring convention is packed with both continuing education programs and industry exhibitors. Talk one-on-one with education specialists while learning about new and up-coming products, services, issues and developments in nursing. The second event is the Nurse Practitioner Fall Workshop held in October following the statewide convention. MNA offers the two-day Controlled Substances Workshop required for a DEA license four times a year and offers the two-hour update twice a year.

The Nightingale Awards Gala is held in March bi-annually. The black-tie event distinguishes those men, women and organizations that have made a special effort to excel in the area of healthcare. More than 600 nursing professionals, leaders and supporters gather to honor award winners and their contributions to the nursing profession.

The MNA Annual Convention is recognized nationwide as a premiere nursing event. With an average participation of more than 500 nurses, 300 nurse practitioners, and 700 students, the MNA annual convention is one of the largest in the nation. Each year, more than 100 exhibitors bring to the Expo the newest advancements in technology, pharmacology, and publications. Convention is a time to network, take advantage of outstanding continuing education opportunities, and have fun!

MNA Accomplishments

  • Achieved status as the #1 non union state association in terms of percentage of nurses who are members of the state association
  • Bill passed protecting the title “nurse”
  • Legislation eliminating joint promulgation of nurse practitioners by the Board of Medical Licensure and Board of Nursing
  • Worked with the Office of Nursing Workforce to obtain funding of $500,000 to establish a Simulation Council and support a simulation lab project
  • MNA member participated in ANA advocacy institute
  • Provided a free Disaster Preparedness Conference
  • Held annual convention with record attendance
  • Increased membership 9% over prior year and 33% over the past 6 years (from 1618 in August 2005 to 2093 in August 2009)
  • Strong lobbying power
  • Multiple methods of dues payment
  • Educated membership
  • Scholarships available to students across all nursing education programs
  • Excellent relationship with other professional organizations and the board of nursing licensure
  • Increased visibility
  • Stronger marketing presence, including improved newsletter design
  • Electronic membership records allow for electronic communication with members
  • Structured, consistent meetings
  • Nurse executives actively involved
  • Strong CE programs
  • Partnership with ONE
  • Developing nurse leader program
  • ANA resources, such as the American Nurse
  • Recognition of nursing leaders through the annual Nightingale gala