Every MNA member is an “Active Involved Member” whose choice to support MNA demonstrates a desire to protect and move the nursing profession forward.  

MNA encourages you to put your expertise and energy to work for the association and the nursing profession.   Leadership and service opportunities exist at both the district and state levels.  Take advantage of opportunities to serve on a Committee, support your District, become an elected officer, or represent MNA at the ANA Membership Assembly. 

Serve on an MNA Committee

Enjoy interacting with like-minded nurses by serving on one or several of the MNA Committees.  This is a great way for you to use your expertise to benefit the nursing profession and get to know your colleagues from around the state. Take a look at the Committees and let us know if you are interested in being considered for one.   

Serve at Your District Level

If you are interested in serving in your local area, take advantage of attending your District meetings.  You may want to serve as a volunteer on a District project, provide leadership by serving on your District Board, or represent your District at the MNA House of Delegates.

Serve at the State Level

If you are interested in serving at the state level, consider becoming an elected officer of the MNA Board of Directors or representing MNA at the ANA Membership Assembly.  

Support the MNA PAC

Supporting the MNA PAC is an easy way for you to join together with your colleagues to support candidates who support nurses and their patients. MNA PAC provides maximum utilization of small and large donations that are pooled together to support efforts to ensure that the nursing profession’s voice resonates in all areas of healthcare.

Present at an MNA Event

The expertise and knowledge of Mississippi’s nurses is awe-inspiring! Presenting at an MNA event benefits your colleagues and expands your professional profile. You know the rapid pace of change in healthcare and how important it is to stay abreast of current, evidence-based information.

By presenting, you can assist your colleagues in staying current on clinical, leadership, and professional issues.  MNA hosts numerous events each year in strategic locations around the state which allows you to determine the size group and part of the state at which you would be comfortable serving as a presenter. 

It’s easy to submit a request to present – forms are located under Speakers Bureau Forms.