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We are the only professional association that aggressively pursues legislation on behalf of all registered nurses and advanced practice registered nurses across all roles in Mississippi.  

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Review the bills we are currently following that are of interest to the nursing profession.

H.B. 18 – National board certified school nurses; remove cap on number of eligible for annual salary supplement.

H.B. 49 – Alternative Nicotine Vaping; regulate with penalties for sale to persons under 21 years of age.

H.B. 79 – Oxycontin pills; limit RX to 75 pills per RX unless patient is hospitalized or in nursing home.

H.B. 95 – Commissioner of Insurance; provide shall resolve certain disputes between provider and insured regarding billing.

H.B. 96 – Emergency medical services provider; include fire stations and ambulances in definition under Baby Drop-off Law.

H.B. 197 – Chronic Diseases; direct Health Department to establish WISEWOMAN and WISEMAN programs to reduce incidence of.

H.B. 237 – Public school curriculum; require instruction in mental illness as part of Health Education.

H.B. 267 – School districts; require each school to have epinephrine auto-injectors and AEDs in every building and cafeteria.

H.B. 268 – Public universities and colleges; require to have epinephrine auto-injectors and AEDs in every building on campus.

H.B. 285 – Tobacco; prohibit sale of candy or food product that mimics.

H.B. 343 – Board of Nursing; remove physician member and consumer member from the board.

H.B. 380 – Breast-feeding; revise and strengthen statutes supporting and promoting.

H.B. 474 – Health insurance carriers; require to cap patient cost for prescriptions for insulin drugs.

H.B. 491 – Texting while driving; make a misdemeanor when not using voice-operated or hands-free device.

H.B. 613 – Advanced practice registered nurses; revise certain provisions relating to, including collaboration requirement.

H.B. 752 – Freestanding emergency room; allow to be established near location of a recently closed hospital.

H.B. 755 – Community colleges; authorize boards of trustees to waive out-of-state tuition to certain students upon agreement to remain in the state.

H.B. 785 – Pseudoephedrine; authorize sales and purchase of certain products containing without a prescription.

H.B. 798 – Mental health screenings and assessments; require in all public schools.

H.B. 945 – Sexual battery; remove statute of limitations for prosecution of crime of.

H.B. 983 – Mississippi Board of Nursing;authorize to collect certain costs and establish procedure for collection.

H.B. 984 – Mississippi Board of Nursing; revise the notice required for special meeting of.

H.B. 1230 – School employees annual salary supplement; remove cap on nurses who are eligible for.

H.B. 1255 – Medicaid; expand eligibility under federal health care reform law.

S.B. 2048 – Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists (CRNA); no physician supervision required after two years of practice in good standing.

S.B. 2117 – Occupational licensing boards; require prompt licensure and temporary practice permits for certain military applicants.

S.B. 2169 – Opioid and other controlled substances epidemic; provide enhanced penalties.

S.B. 2189 – Vaping; prohibit possession of alternative nicotine products by those under 18.

S.B. 2222 – Vaccinations; disclose information statements upon request and create medical exemption.

S.B. 2404 – Board of Nursing; revise penalties for prohibited conduct and authorize the recovery of reasonable costs.

S.B. 2489 – Board of Nursing; revise notice requirement for special meetings.

S.B. 2628 – Advanced practice registered nurses; revise certain provisions relating to, including collaboration requirement.

S.B. 2630 – Breastfeeding professionals; provide for licensure of by State Department of Health.

S.B. 2799 – Alternative nicotine products; impose a tax upon and regulate under the Tobacco Tax Law.

S.B. 2802 – Controlled substance prescriptions; require electronic prescribing.

S.B. 2810 – Medical records requests; require timely response to patients.

S.B. 2820 – Nurse practitioners; authorize to dispense legend drugs to patients.