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We are the only professional association that aggressively pursues legislation on behalf of all registered nurses and advanced practice registered nurses across all roles in Mississippi.  

Click each bill for more details on the bills we are currently following that are of interest to the nursing profession.

House Bills

H.B. 43 – Nationally certified licensed school employees; delete caps on nurses and speech pathologists and add athletic trainers for salary supplements.

H.B. 83 – Medicaid; revise calculation of reimbursement for durable medical equipment (DME).

H.B. 97 – Medicaid; require Governor and Division of Medicaid to negotiate to obtain federal waiver to expand Medicaid coverage.

H.B. 112 – Law Enforcement Officers and Fire Fighters Death Benefits Trust Fund; expand to include health care employees who die of COVID and public safety officers from COVID.

H.B. 134 – School districts; require all schools to have epinephrine auto-injectors in every building and cafeteria.

H.B 139 – Public school curriculum; require instruction in mental illness as part of Health Education.

H.B. 151 – Public universities and colleges; require to have epinephrine auto-injectors and AEDs in every building on campus.

H.B. 153 – School districts; require each school to have epinephrine auto-injectors and AEDs in every building and cafeteria.

H.B. 212 – Medicaid; telehealth services provided by FQHCs, rural health clinics and community mental health centers reimbursed at same rate as face-to-face encounters.

H.B. 232 – Uniform Controlled Substances Act; revise schedules.

H.B. 280 – Comprehensive School Health Education Program; include additional components in and require school nurse to teach.

H.B. 284 – Nursing education; unspent TANF funds shall be spent to pay expenses of persons enrolled as part of workforce training.

H.B. 299 – Medicaid; provide continued eligibility for eligible women for up to 12 months postpartum.

H.B. 300 – Medicaid; provide coverage for substance abuse and mental health services for pregnant and postpartum women.

H.B. 345 – Health; State Health Officer shall develop program to close the gap in health status of gender and racial groups.

H.B. 363 – Home health services; authorize nurse practitioners and physician assistants to order and certify.

H.B. 412 – Postsecondary educational institutions; require 50% in-person instruction as condition of receiving legislative appropriation.

H.B. 433 – Health Insurance policies; require coverage of certain examinations primarily related to women’s health.

H.B. 440 – Advanced practice registered nurses; revise certain provisions relating to, including collaboration requirement.

H.B. 496 – Controlled substances; exclude fentanyl testing materials from definition of “paraphernalia” under.

H.B. 508 – Public schools; require toll-free number for reporting abuse and neglect to be posted in all.

H.B. 558 – Drug and alcohol treatment; require 30-day minimum in-patient treatment.

H.B. 573 – Mental health screenings and assessments; require in all public schools.

Senate Bills

S.B. 2011 – Child abuse or neglect; provide for civil liability false reports of.

S.B. 2031 – Health insurance carriers; require to cap patient cost for prescriptions for insulin drugs.

S.B. 2033 – Recipients of Medicaid; extend postpartum coverage up to 12 months.

S.B. 2095 – Mississippi Medical Cannabis Act; create.

S.B. 2108 – Nurse practitioners; physician assistants and clinical nurse specialists; allow to prescribe home health services.

S.B. 2109 – Nurse practitioners; authorize to dispense legend drugs to patients.

S.B. 2178 – Advanced practice registered nurses; revise certain provisions relating to, including collaboration requirement.

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