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Donate to the MNA PAC

The Mississippi Nurses’ Association Political Action Committee (PAC) is your voice to ensure that the challenges, needs, and opportunities facing Mississippi’s nurses are clearly and consistently communicated to statewide political leaders.  There are many competing voices vying for the ears of lawmakers, so it’s imperative that nurses join together through the MNA PAC to make sure their voices are heard loud and clear!

MNA PAC Brochure


MNA PAC Fast Facts:

  • MNA PAC is an easy way for all registered nurses and advanced practice registered nurses to join together to support candidates who support nurses and their patients.
  • MNA PAC provides maximum utilization of small and large donations that are pooled together to support efforts to ensure that the nursing profession’s voice resonates in all areas of healthcare.
  • MNA PAC supports candidates who are in support of MNA’s legislative agenda without regard to party affiliation.
  • MNA PAC is a political action committee of MNA which is registered with and subject to the requirement of the Mississippi State Election Laws.
  • MNA PAC is governed by a Board of Trustees and is accountable to the Board of Directors of the Mississippi Nurses’ Association.