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Nursing is one of the fastest developing fields in Mississippi. No one could possibly keep up with the business trends, career changes, professional development and critical advancements alone. The Mississippi Nurses Association is in the business of taking care of nursing's business. MNA is the voice of the registered nurse in Mississippi. Together with staff nurses, advanced practice nurses, nursing educators, nurse managers, school nurses and others who share a common interest in improving and advancing their careers and opportunities in the nursing profession, MNA speaks with one incredibly strong voice in the support and advancement of the profession of Nursing in Mississippi.

Over the last five years, MNA has increased its membership by 41 percent and leads the nation among non-union states in the percentage of members to the population of registered nurses in the state. Membership has value. Membership has power.

Four times a year, MNA reaches more than 47,000 licensed nurses, 500 legislative and political leaders, and every licensed medical facility in the state with its quarterly newspaper, The Mississippi RN. Monthly, MNA releases its electronic newsletter, MNA Members Only, which carries news, features, and updates on the MNA members and events.

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Membership Committee

The MNA Membership Committee is chaired by the vice president of the board of directors, Tonya Moore, PhD, RN.