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Q - Why should I join the Mississippi Nurses Association?

As a Registered Nurse, you are constantly aware of the critical role of patient advocacy in your practice, particularly in today’s chaotic health care environment.  Membership in MNA is a tri-level membership.  That means you have the opportunity to interact directly with your peers through Chapters to become involved as leadership at the state level; and to be involved at the national level through the American Nurses Association. 

Through MNA, you become part of 2.2 million Registered Nurses nationwide who speak with one voice to foster high standards of nursing practice, speak up on workplace advocacy issues, project a realistic view of nursing to the community, and lobby elected officials and regulatory agencies at the state and national levels on health care issues affecting the profession and the public.

Q- Do my dues support any political candidate for President?

No, your dues support the work and mission of MNA and ANA only. No part of your dues goes to any candidate. Members may choose to support the MNA-PAC or ANA-PAC separately from their membership dues.

Q – Do I need verification of membership to send with my ANCC materials?

If you have your membership card, please send a copy with your ANCC application. If you do not have your card, you can indicate your ANA membership number on the application. The membership department does not send verification or rushed cards for this purpose. Don't panic, ANCC does have the ability to check for your membership status if they have your membership number.

Q - What benefits am I eligible for?

 You are eligible for all MNA and ANA member benefits upon joining.  If you choose the monthly payment option however, you will not be eligible for the discounts on ANCC certifications until after six months of membership.

Q - What does it cost?

We have three different categories of dues payments and four different payment plans.

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