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Council on Nursing Education

Director of the Council on Nursing Education:  Deloris Slade, MSN, RN, FNP-BC

Responsibilities of the Council on Nursing Education

The council shall be concerned with advancing the profession of nursing through activities which relate to responsibility for nursing education and social, scientific, and educational changes in health needs and practices.

The Provider Unit serves under the director, and provides continuing education to MNA members. 

The council shall be composed of the director and the chairpersons of its committees. The standing committee shall be the Continuing Education Committee. Membership shall consist of members with a minimum of a Baccalaureate degree in nursing and come from various geographic locations and practice settings in the state. Alternately, the Approver Unit offers CE to outside agencies, such as hospitals; their function is governed by MNF.

Council on Nursing Education's Provider Unit:

Deloris Slade, Director Robbie Jones
Marilyn Ellis, Co-Chair Wanda Jones
Sheila Adams Bettye Logan
Lisa Byrd
Lora Jenkins-Lonidier
Mary Helen Conner
Cynthia Luther
Anne Everett
Deborah Mauffrey
Monica Jones
Mary McNair
Wanda Jones LaDonna Northington

Ka Russum